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Xinda science and technology, 2011 (the 13th spreadtrum

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           21 solstice, on November 16, 2011 after six days of the 13th China hi-tech fair (hereinafter referred to as & quot; CHTF & quot;) A complete closing in shenzhen convention and exhibition />     Xinda science and technology in the convention and exhibition center 2 pavilion shows from global electronic company and the production of automobile parts, precision FFC and connectors, attracted numerous electronic merchants to visit negotiate, special booth design, outstanding team of professional explanation, to show from the vast number of exhibitors xinda technology of new products and all-round display the xinda technology unique enterprise culture and enterprise. This exhibition has achieved a great />     Xinda will always in line with the continuous improvement of science and technology, to create first-class products; The principle of sincere service, to ensure customer satisfaction, for the global new and old customers with more quality products and />     In 2012, the 14th China international high-tech achievements communication 2 s31 pavilion are looking forward to your coming!
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